“Morning girls! You will be happy to know that Monday’s teachings did not go in one ear and out the other! I went home and started my chicken bone broth, soaked nuts for the morning to make rice milk and went out and bought ingredients to make green soup…all whilst sipping on my kombucha! Thanks for your wisdom”. Kelly

(How To Start Your Day Workshop 2014)


“All recipes were amazing! No burnt Chicken broth and delicious rice milk…I even put the ground up almonds back into my green soup…no wastage!” KF (How To Start Your Day Workshop 2014)


“We all absolutely loved it and thought it was faultless. You are both have such a wealth of knowledge between the two of you. My green soup is on now in my thermo? I look forward to coming to many more workshops.” Georgie

(Autumn Essentials Workshop 2015)


“I can’t thank you enough for such a lovely, informative and relaxing afternoon. I just loved it. I was just so impressed by how knowledgable you both are, and I adored every recipe. You have truly inspired me – I made the superfood hot choc for the kids tonight, I’m making a batch of green soup tomorrow, and this afternoon I even meditated for 10 minutes pre pick up…I have a spring in my step and I’m no longer dreading Winter as much!! Can’t wait for the next session.” Nina

(Autumn Essential Workshop 2015)


“Today was just lovely.  Zoe was wonderful and the intimate forum was really relaxing/safe.  Plus being in your beautiful home makes is special too, it felt very personal. I must say, and having covered quite a bit of meditations with KX, Zoe was great.  She lead the meditation well and her calming aura certainly is inspiration to keep going with this meditation stuff!!” Jacqui

(Mindful Monday Meditation 2015)



“I felt like I had had an 8 hour sleep, a relaxation massage and done a yoga session”. She couldn’t compliment you enough on on your ‘aura’ and had a giggle that you must think we are slightly mad as always going a million miles an hour.” Fiona

(Mindful Monday Meditation 2015)


Hi Holly and Gina, I made the broccolini with goats cheese tonight. Delicious! Love your recipes and tips on wellbeing.. Great ideas. Looking forward to more kitchen inspiration.” Genna
(July 2015 Newsletter)
“I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our time at the Meditation. The session with Zoe was just wonderful. Zoe exudes the very calm that people are so clearly in need of. She is the very walking, talking example of the peace and serenity which meditation provides.”  Dayle
(Learn To Meditate with Zoe Kanat 2016)
“Such clever ladies you are. Thank you for this interesting and informative newsletter!” Ros (July Newsletter 2016)